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Animal safety eyes

When I tried different eyes for my lop bunny pattern, I noticed that if I used coloured eyes, they seemed smaller than the same size of black eyes. Because I hadn’t taken that into account, I ordered a bunch of eyes in black and brown and couldn’t use the brown ones because they looked much too small. I had to buy new eyes.

I decided to write a post about this in my ‘Tips & Trick’s’  section to give you a heads up.

I made some pictures to illustrate this topic. (The eyes are not attached completely but are just inserted loosely without the safety backs.)

From left to right: 11 mm/0,43 inch black safety eyes, 12 /0,47  black safety eyes, same size brown safety eyes, the eyes in 11 mm, 12 brown and 12 black. I’m going to use the 11 mm black eyes or the 12 mm brown ones. The 12 mm black ones look too big.

Actually it’s quite logical a coloured eye looks smaller, because it has a transparent ‘orb’ on top of the flat coloured circle, which reflects the light a bit. You can also look a bit through the eyes.

Conclusion. If you’re going to use coloured eyes, keep in mind that they look smaller and buy them one step bigger or buy a few sizes so you have the right size for sure.


5 thoughts on “Animal safety eyes”

  1. Thanks so much for the tip; I haven’t used the purchased eyes (yet) still embroidering them, but when I do start using the purchased eyes, I’ll remember this.

    I stumbled upon your site yesterday, and added it to my RSS feed reader. I love amigurumis, and I must not only are your crocheted items beautiful; you also give plenty of helpful tips too.

    1. Hey thanks! I’m always happy to hear I’ve got a new reader. Thanks for telling and I hope you’ll keep liking what you see and read.


  2. Hey Sonja,

    Where do you get your colored eyes? My local craft stores only have the plain black. I think colored eyes would be lots of fun, especially on people dolls.

    1. Hi Kristina, I buy them online, because like you say, my local stores sell the plain blacks only too. I buy them at this site: http://www.chellebel.nl/ This is a Dutch webshop, I don’t know if that is useful to you, but I think there must be webshops worldwide who sell the eyes.

      Good luck with it, regards Sonja.

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