Spring Popkes

crochet animal patterns

This week I finally got the change to take a ‘Spring Popkes’ picture. Now I have a picture for every season. It was not an intended thing really, but once I had a summer and autumn picture and started to use them as my Twitter header, soon a winter one was made too. And as I was still using that one, it really seemed appropriate to update that one as soon as possible, as the snowy feel was long gone. But it rained, and was a bit cold still, so there were not so many (suitable low) flowers around yet. And popkes do not like laying outside in the rain or on a wet surface, so I had to wait.

But warmer days did arrive and I looked around for suitable flowers. Very close to where I live, I discovered daisies had made their first appearance in a grassy field and I love daisies! They are such delicate little flowers and perfectly small for Popkes to lay between. In all its silliness, this was the hardest season to capture.

Many of you also must be wondering what animal I am making next. It will be another pet animal, I am going for a dog!

13 thoughts on “Spring Popkes”

  1. It’s nice that they get to enjoy the spring day and the daisies, even though they still have to bundle up in their scarves. The duck looks like he’s trying to paddle away. Maybe he wants a pond?

  2. Ooh that’s a lovely cheerful picture! The four seasons… I can hear the music in my head 😊. (And another song comes to mind – “Don’t Eat the Daisies” 🌻🌻!)

    1. Thanks Gabriele, yeah about that dog breed….I don’t really want to make a particular kind of dog, more a dog plush. You know one from you can clearly see it is a dog, like a cartoon version.

      One of the first patterns I designed here was a dog:

      That is my less successful pattern ever, so I hope to make a more appealing version this time.

      My favourite dog breed is a border collie, what’s yours?

      1. Oooh, I see!
        So you want to make the stereotypical (I don’t mean it in a bad way) dog. That’s probably the best choice to make.
        I don’t have a specific favourite breed, expecially since I don’t know much about dogs. I tend to like dogs that still retain a wolf-like appearence, with pointy muzzles and traingular ears. There are many breeds like this: husky, shiba… even your border collie!
        Your former dog plush seems pretty near to the typical dog model. How will this new plush be different? I’m curious…

  3. They all look very happy among the daisies, don’t they. Daisies are such cheerful flowers, I always think. Looking forward to the dog, Sonja! xx

  4. According to Lin Wellford, who has written books about painting animals on rocks, people who love cats are happy with any sort of artwork depicting a cat, but dog-lovers usually only want their specific breed.

    1. I totally believe that Rhonda, and it would explain the lack of interest for Sjuffel and the succes of silly looking amidogs of all sorts of breeds. My new dog isn’t much of a breed either…..but I do like him. I just have to wait and see. And if Wellford’s theory is correct, it means if I would design a special breed, the succes of that doll would be limited to only lovers of that breed, lol.

      Like you, at least I think you are too, I am more a cat person, and rodents! When I was a kid I loved dogs, but that meant all dogs (that looked wolfie enough).

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