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A Son’s Popkes original for sale!

In the process of making my realistic badger pattern, I had to make two badgers. To be sure everything looked good, I had to finish one badger completely, to see if all the body parts were the right size and shape. That first badger was supposed to be the prototype badger, but because everything turned out the way I wanted to, I decided it was going to be my badger, I got attached to it you know…I’ll tell more about that in a second.

An extra badger still had to be made because I needed pictures of an un-assembled badger to add to the pattern. I already had made a perfect head for this badger. Actually, before I decided I needed to make two badgers, this was going to be the final badger, I loved the expression of this one. It is a delicate process, designing a crochet animal. I really liked this face but when I had my prototype badger done I loved that one so much, I couldn’t just set that one aside. To make things even more difficult I had two almost identical looking, lovely badgers in the end and had to choose which one was going to be the one. I decided to be rational, the first one I would keep and the second I would sell.

So, hereby I am offering a Son’s Popkes original badger for sale. The badger I am holding in the picture is the one you will receive. It is 7.8 inch/ 20 long from tail to nose and 3.5 inch / 9 cm high. In the images below you can see how the badger looks from all angles.

This badger plushy costs € 65,- plus shipping. Keep in mind this is a piece of art more than a kids toy, I have not used animal safety eyes for this plushy so if one is determined to pull the eyes out, they will come out. Shipping costs to most European countries are € 13,-. To ship worldwide outside of Europe the shipping cost is € 24,30.

If you are interested in buying this badger, contact me and I will send you a Paypal payment request. As soon as I have received your payment, I will post the package and email you the tracking information. If I don’t sell the badger here, I will list it in my Esty shop, but I wanted to offer it here first.

Crochet bear pattern

This post is all about my crochet teddy bear pattern. How do you make this fuzzy bear amigurumi, what kind of yarn is suitable for this project and more. 

Let’s start with the type of yarn I would recommend. I wrote the pattern for a ‘quick to crochet teddy bear’. I used as less rows and stitches as possible. That means, if you use a thin yarn, the bear will be a bit small. For my bears I used a 4 and 3,5 hook. The big bear is 8.2 inch/ 21 cm (from head to feet) and the little one 7 inch/ 18 cm. When making amigurumi, you use the smallest hook possible, to prevent gabs between the stitches, except when you’re working with fuzzy yarn. For these bears I used not the most heavy yarn, but at least a worsted weight and a bit fuzzy, especially the yarn for the big bear. (More about that yarn you can read in my yarn experiment post.)

Here is a picture of the finished small teddy and the parts of the larger one.

"gehaakte beer onderdelen"

And here’s the finished crochet bear!

amigurumi bear, crochet teddy bear

"bear amigurumi crochet"

"crochet bear", "gehaakte beer patroon", amigurumi bear pattern"

The smallest teddy bear is my favorite one. I called him Teddy. He is made with worsted weight yarn and hook E / 3,5 cm.

The pattern for this crochet teddy bear you can find in my shop and in my Ravelry shop. You can Also order it directly from me here. The pattern is written in standard American crochet terms. It contains clear instructions and lot’s of example images.

I hope you enjoy making this crochet teddy bear!