An Autumn portrait

crochet animal patterns

This summer I started an Instagram account and am loving it so much. For me it is some sort of fantastic encouragement to photograph my work much more. I’m experiencing with all sorts of settings and backgrounds and get inspired by other people’s work. Yesterday I felt like making an Autumn portrait of one of my crochet animals. Rupert became the subject and some old tray was turned into a gorgeous rustic background. The picture became so special I wanted to post it here. I am thinking of more portraits like these, so keep an eye on my Instagram.

Because of all the enthusiastic reactions and requests, the ‘#popkejoy’ Instagram and Ravelry photography contest will be a recurring thing. I am thinking of a new contest somewhere around the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted about that.

Happy Autumn crafty folks!

7 thoughts on “An Autumn portrait”

  1. Yet another pattern on my list to buy, Sonja! It’s a wonderful photo. Who knew that an old tray could have a new lease of life as a photo prop! Love your photos. x

  2. Thanks Jan, I never thought of that myself either. I was thinking of what could be a nice background and while making tea I saw that tray that’s always at the same spot.

  3. That’s a lovely photo, and Rupert is quite wonderful. I might have to have him someday. Have you ever considered a moose pattern? I keep trying to see a live moose close-up. I almost got to on our recent trip, but he’d just left the path and disappeared into the forest.

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