Boason, crochet rhino pattern

Proud and happy, I present my new pattern, Boason the crochet rhinoceros.

crochet rhino pattern

A long time ago, when I was still an art student, I bought this utterly cute WWF rhino plush in a local shop. It was not the usual plush toy you expect for a rhino, but a slender, sturdy version of a rhino youngster. It had this look I loved at first sight.

Now you all understand, that my main goal for this crochet rhino pattern, was to create that same look. Of course I was not going to make a crochet copy of that particular plush, but it had to give me that same feeling. And now, when Boason is finished, I can proudly say I did achieve that goal. Boason isn’t at all the same as the plush toy, but he has that unique slender but robust, sturdy look. He’s not very rotund, like a common rhino amigurumi, but has a more muscular appearance.

Boason is sitting almost 5 inch /13 cm tall. He is made with my favourite Lett Lopi yarn, which gives him his rustic appeal. Here are some more pictures of Boason and below it you can find more info about this crochet rhino pattern.

rhino crochet pattern

neushoorn haakpatroon, amigurumi rhino pattern

How to get this pattern?

The pattern for this sturdy crochet rhino, you can find in my shop and in my shop at Ravelry. It contains a clear description of how to crochet and attach the beast with example pictures at the bottom to help you get everything right. In the pattern you can also find what materials you need, the Lopi colour numbers, in short, everything you need to know to make your own crochet rhino friend.

And heads up, the pattern has a one dollar release discount till the 30th of september.

A popkes village

Last week a dear crocheter told me about the big project she was engrossed in with my patterns. For her granddaughter, she made a complete mouse family in a lovely handmade village, with other animals to accompany them. She took the animals outside, made pictures and put them all in a book for her granddaughter. That is one lucky girl to have such a creative grandmother!

I was very curious how it all looked so I asked her if I could see some pictures. She emailed me one of the village. When I saw the picture I had to write a post about what she made. The little village looks fantastic, so beautiful made, the little tree house and picknick site and the gorgeous animals. For me it is so wonderful to see how my designs come alive in this little fantasy world for children to play with. Just look at it!


Just fabulous, you did an amazing job Lesley!

A fragile one

Boason-postRecently I’ve started working on a new crochet animal pattern. The animal I am making this time, is a rather robust one, but sadly at the same time so very fragile too. It is the rhinoceros I am speaking of. And we all know why they are so fragile. It is abominable how people treat animals.

Before I decided to make the puffin I was going to make the rhino. So, I have already figured out how he should look. If I can manage to make him like the sketch in this post, he will be a very sturdy rhino doll.

This will be the first Son’s Popkes pattern of a not so hairy animal. But as we all like cuddly, fuzzy crochet dolls, he will be made with Lett Lopi.

Happy crocheting everyone!

Plubby, crochet puffin pattern

With utter joy, I proudly present my crochet puffin pattern! Meet Plubby, a proud and happy fluffy crochet puffin.

puffin amigurumi pattern

When I saw a puffin while being on holiday to the UK, I immediately knew I had to make a crochet pattern of this spectacular bird. I had thought of it before, but never actually got to making one.

It was quite a journey, making this pattern. Mainly because I got ill and it took me a long time to recover from it. But now when this pattern is finished, I am ever so thrilled with the result.

The head was a joy to design. Finding the correct circled shape for the white parts was a bit tricky but very rewarding when it was finished and looking good. With the bill attached, I had a very striking puffin head. And blimey, it was even shown in BBC’s Springwatch Unsprung, what it thrill that was! But then for the rest of the puffin….

Halfway through, I got stuck a bit, because I had no idea how to make the wings. What I had in mind looked way to bulky and more realistic flat wings I considered not an option. I took a break and went on designing some other parts of the doll. The tail was such a pleasure to design. At first, I had in mind to make the tail in two pieces, but when trying it, it looked rather silly. Suddenly I had this idea of a one piece tail. I made a test version and it worked perfectly. The white bottom combined with a part of the tail sewed flat, created the perfect looking ‘feathered’ flap. What a few tiny stitches can accomplish!

When I pinned the puffin together, I realized I had to make simple, arm like wings, just like my other Popkes have, but a bit more wing like. That was the perfect finishing touch for the puffin. Plubby had come to life!

Here are some more shots of my dear Plubby. Below it you can find more info about this crochet puffin pattern.

puffin amigurumi

Plubby-profile 2

Plubby is sitting 5,1 inch / 13 cm. He is made with Istex Lett Lopi, a 100% wool yarn. I’ve used five colours to make Plubby, from which three are basic. Black, white and orange. For the grey and yellow colours of the bill, you only need just a bit. Like all my patterns that contain colour changes, the complicated rounds in which you need to de- and increase are written in stitch colour to make changing colour as easy as it can get. I would strongly advice the use of a fuzzy yarn, as it leaves much neater colour changes.

The pattern for this cheerful puffin, you can find in my shop and in my shop at Ravelry. It contains a clear description of how to crochet and attach the puffin with example pictures at the bottom to help you get everything right. In the pattern you can also find what materials you need, the Lopi colour numbers, in short, everything you need to know to make your own crochet puffin!

And heads up, the pattern has a one dollar release discount till the 3rd of August!

This week . . . .


This week I can finally release a long expected pattern and what a bliss it is. I finished my wooly puffin bird last week and celebrated it with this outdoor picture. What a happy puffin!

Thank you everybody, for all your enthusiastic and encouraging messages. I have never gotten so many request for a pattern before it was released. Just a few more days and you can all start making your own puffin!

Summer Popkes

amigurumi crochet patterns

The Popkes and I risked a heath stroke this afternoon, doing a photoshoot outside whilst it was 35 degrees celsius! Admitting, it was probably just me getting a bit over heated, they seemed to rather enjoy themselves really.

What a thrill, my summer holiday has almost started! Just relaxing, watching wildlife and doing long forest strolls are the things I am looking forward to so much.

I had to postpone the puffin pattern a bit, but not to worry. I think during all the relaxing and wildlife watching, I probably cannot stop myself from working on it every now and then. The puffin pattern will be the first pattern to be released.

I hope everybody is enjoying themselves as much as my crochet animals in the picture above. I wish all of you a lovely summer, cheers and see you soon!

As seen on BBC Springwatch


For the last three weeks, I have been watching one of my most favourite tv shows, BBC Springwatch. It is a fabulous series about wildlife’s life in spring (or autumn and winter) in the UK. It is a tv show that is such a delight to watch and I always learn so much from it. The show is divided in two parts, you first see a one hour episode on tv, and after that there is a half hour extra called Springwatch Unsprung you can watch online or on a certain red button if you live in the UK. Unsprung is a rather interactive bit, that evolves partly around the viewer.

For me, Springwatch is such an inspiring show and every year I try to crochet an animal that suits the Springwatch series. This time it was a Puffin, as I had seen one during my holiday to the UK and knew it would be featured in this years Springwatch series.

Just for the fun of it, I replied to a tweet to Springwatch, from a crafter who had knitted an adorable Springwatch inspired fish, by showing her the Puffin head I had just finished.

What happened next was amazing. I was watching Springwatch Unsprung when I saw to my utter surprise, the puffin head on my tv screen! I was totally flabbergasted. Wow, they actually picked out my puffin head to show in a bit about Springwatch inspired art made by the viewers. What a jolly surprise it was. I was feeling a bit euphoric after that as you can imagine.

It also made me rather enthusiastic to finish the puffin as soon as possible. I am working on the body and wings now and hope to have the puffin pattern finished within a few weeks!

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